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DividedBy13 PedalDIVIDED BY 13 SWITCHAZEL - € 279,00 NEW

The Switchazel is an A/B or A+B switching box with buffered Low Imp Output, a 9db clean, linear, adjustable boost, and tuner out.
Whether you need a number or two more clean headroom, or to go from 4 to 8 on the volume knob, or 6 to over-the-top compressed, sustaining overdrive, all is available with the adjustable 9db clean, linear "Lift" feature.

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Cabinet 2x12 G12 HI

DividedBy13 CabinetDIVIDED BY 13 Cabinet 2x12 G12 HI - € 990,00 NEW

Our 2x12 Fixed baffle cabinet fashioned after our favorite 2x12 played by the "Fab Four".
It is square--not tappered from to top to bottom--so it can be used as the bottom cabinet for an original 2x12.

Dimensions: (HxWxD) 21,25x27,75x10,5cm
Weight: 21,77 kg

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