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Public Peace proudly presents the guitar of the month November 2020!

1MENSINGER FOREIGNER '2 Tone Turquoise-Blue'

Body: ash with quilted maple top, black binding
Neck: maple
Fingerboard: east indian rosewood, 22 frets
Nut width: 42mm
Construction: bolt on
Pickups: Haeussel VIN +N & Tozz B Humbucker
Electronics: passive - volume, tone and 3-way toggle switch
Finish: 2 tone turquoise blue, transparent, body gloss/neck matte
Hardware: chrome, Wilkinson tuner
Weight: 3,89kg
incl. Gigbag

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Public Peace proudly presents the bass of the month November 2020!


Body: mahogany with buckeye burl top
Neck: 3 piece wenge + 2 piece padouk, matched headstock
Fingerboard: white ebony, 2mm side luminlays, 24 frets
Nut width: 45mm
Construction: neck thru body
Pickups: Delano Xtender  HE/S-L, mini switch (300Hz/500Hz/800Hz)
Electronics: active 3-band Delano MS/E/S  - volume (active/passive push/pull switch), balance, treble/passive tone, bass/middle
Finish: natural, body gloss/neck matte
Hardware: gold, Monorail bridge with 18,5mm string spacing, Hipshot ultralite Y-tuner
incl. Gigbag

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Business Partners Wanted!

Public Peace is looking for partners in different countries interested in selling our products. If you feel adressed, just get in contact with Adrian Maruszczyk:
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