Fulltone PlimsoulFULLTONE PlimSoul - € 169,00 NEW

For many years you've basically had only two choices for your Overdrive/Distortion pedals: You could get Soft-Clipped pedals like the Tube Screamer, Fulldrive2, OD-1, etc. which get their distortion via diodes placed in the feedback loop of an Opamp. This type of clipping is generally favored by the folks wanting a more clean, compressed, low-to-medium gained Overdrive sound. The other choice you have is Hard-Clipped pedals like the RAT, Distortion+, Boss DS-1, etc. which create their clipping using diodes to ground...or unique to the Fulltone OCD, clipping that goes to the half-way point between 9volt and ground, a place called ref. These type of pedals are generally favored by Hard-Rockers for their tight, less compressed, heavily distorted tones. Is there a pedal that offers both? There is now. I invented and Patented (Patent # 8471136) the PlimSouls completely unique dual stage clipping circuit which very accurately replicates not only the sound, but the feel of a tube amp with all of its subtleties and complexities!

The PlimSoul has those Softer Bluesy, Compressed sounds, and even handles the more open-sounding slightly dirty Boost jobs as well. So don't assume it's just a wild, high-gain Monster, although you can turn up the Sustain knob and it gets very Hi-Gain...and then if you need more there's also has a second Clipping Stage that you can roll in with the turn of a little dial to add that firmer, crunchier, British output tube style Distortion! What's more is you not only hear and feel it...you can SEE the pedal reacting to your every mood via a fiery LED that glows brighter and dimmer depending on how distorted it is and how hard you're hitting it.

Touch sensitive? Doesn't get any better. Does it clean up when the guitars volume knob is turned down? Yes, more than any other pedal I've tried. Is it friendly with Humbuckers as well as Single coils? Yep. Does it play nice with other pedals? Yes, it has an Ideal 500K Input Impedance, ideal super low 10K Output Impedance. How dirty does it get? Very dirty, the dirtiest pedal I make...but gets very clean as well. Can I blend the 2 types of Distortion? Yes, that's the reason I believe this pedal is the most flexible and wide-ranging distortion ever built...the combinations are endless, allowing you to have only Soft clipped or only Hard Clipped, or both! In a Nutshell the Fulltone PlimSoul has extremely good Sustain/Feedback qualities, just the right amount of Mids & Bottom, great touch sensitivity, dynamics, and all those in-between shades available when you know how to use your guitar's volume control. ...Play on!

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OCD - Compulsive Obsessive Drive

Fulltone OCD

FULLTONE OCD - Compulsive Obsessive Drive - € 179,00 NEW

The OCD is an extremely open sounding Overdrive/Distortion circuit. It is different from overdrives you've tried because it has a good bit more Dynamic-Range...meaning the difference between picking soft or picking hard will actually yield a wider range of distortion (with less compression) than traditional diode-clipped overdrives, which behave as if the gain is either ON or OFF! The OCD also creates more complex overtones without changing the inherent tone of whatever amp and guitar you're playing through, lifting off that blanket other drive pedals can put on your signature sound. The OCD accomplishes its tube-like distortion through the unusual combination of MOSFET and Germanium clippers (unlike 95% of all pedals) that are not placed in the feedback loop ....unheard of in a pedal prior to the OCDs 2005 release.

Because of its huge amount of available output, the OCD works great as an Overdrive in front of amps to goose them into submission, as well as through Master-Volume amps to drive them much harder than most ODs, but it also excels at creating its own distortion with all the chime of a Class A amp with its complex array of overtones. The OCD gives you the feeling that your amp is Cranked at even living room volumes so Clean playing is more dynamic and dirty sounds still have the ringing overtones. And the greatest thing is that you can access a slew of other in-between sounds by simply turning down your guitars volume control.

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Bass-Drive Mosfet

Bass-Drive Mosfet
FULLTONE Bass-Drive Mosfet - € 229,00 NEW

Bassists need dirt too! But no one, until now, has given you something that works, with all the full, rich bottom-end that you deserve, damn-it! BTW, many guitarists use and prefer the Bassdrive for Guitar!

The Bass-Drive is a lot like its cousin the Full-Drive2, but voiced with an extra octave of bass coverage... still giving a natural, uncolored FATNESS to your thang.

Effect Features:
Power Supply: 9V DC
Minimum Power supply Voltage: 9V DC
Maximum Power supply Voltage: 18V DC
Controls: On/Off, Volume, Tone, Overdrive, Boost
Pedal size incl. knobs (WxHxD): 100x45x144mm
Weight excl. battery and packaging: 0,753kg

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