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Quakemachine MK II

QMachine1MUSICIAN SOUND DESIGN Quakemachine MK II - € 199,00 NEW

The brand new wah-wah device for bass and synthesiser. The very first such effect designed to function deep into the bass. A frequency range that extends as low as 41Hz offers a raft of sound possibilities especially optimised for the "low end". The result is mean, monster bass. It features the Earth and Quake selectors as well as fine-tuning possibilities. In the Modern mode, the effect signal can be mixed with the original to maintain a powerful bass presence that's worth its weight in gold. The Classic mode opens whole new dimensions of sound for the bass guitar. Suddenly the bass is able to produce sounds that were previously only possible with the filters of a synthesiser.

- Stainless Steel Chassis
- Metal Pots and Switches
- Electronic True Bypass Switch
- Two paralell outputs for easy operation.. tuner..
- 9 VDC Jack
- Easy-access battery compartment

Power supply: 6 - 18 V DC normally 9 V DC.
Power consumption: 2,7 mA.
Weight: 1,8 kg
Dimensions: (WxDxH) 13,0x24,5x5,7cm

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