Q: Will there be more models availble? When?
A: We are constantly working the configurator. New models will follow soon.

Q: I would like to use other options that the configurator does not have, is it possible?
A: If you need options unavailable in our configurator (pickups, hardware, ... ), please use the comment section at the end of the checkout. We can discuss possibilities in further mails to make sure you get what you need. Because the configuration has to be complete to be able to checkout, just choose the default option of that element.

Q: Can I choose the exact top myself?
A: At an extra charge of 50,- €, we can offer you the choice between our available tops of your wood choice. Otherwise, we will choose the best top wood for the instrument.

Q: Can I have a custom fretboard inlay of my own design?
A: Yes, of course! The extra charge depends on the materials, design and size of the inlay. We can discuss further details via E-Mail. Just choose the standard option while configuring the instrument and use the comment field in the checkout.

Q: Could you add an estimation of the weight of the bass?
A: Because of the complexity of the configuration options and natural differences in tone woods, it's difficult to implement weight estimations in the configurator. However, we can estimate the weight after your order. If weight is an issue, try swamp ash as body wood or look at our Elwood L series.

Q: How long will it take for my custom instrument to be built?
A: Delivery time depends on a lot of things (availability of parts, complexity of the configuration, number of custom orders, changes etc.). Usually a custom order will take about 12 - 15 weeks to build. We will give our best to make sure your instrument will be built as soon as possible.

Q: How much does the shipping cost to my country?
A: Shipping to all countries in Europe is included. Worldwide shipping depends on the destination, we will choose the best shipping method and let you know before confirming the order.

Q: I would like to change something after ordering, is it posssible?
A: Changes to the configuration after finishing the checkout are possible, but we will have to charge a fee of 50,- € per change.  If you inquire about changes and we confirm that a change is possible, please make sure to confirm that the change should be made (mail, updated spec list etc.). It is not sufficient to just inquire about the change. Changes are obviously only possible before the instrument is built.

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