New Marleaux Diva in Stock!


New Marleaux Diva in Stock!


New Strap - PES35 Kroko Brown!

PES35Kroko Brown
Material: real leather in kroko style
Colour: brown
Width: 9,5cm
Length: 103cm - 145cm


Get now your ToneStyler from Stellartone - new in shop!

ToneStyler TripleSix ToneStyler GuitarTen ToneStyler GuitarTen ToneStyler BassTen ToneStyler BassTen

         Triple Six                           Guitar Ten                      Guitar Duo Six                     Bass Ten                       Bass Duo Six

Now available in our shop - 5 different ToneStyler from Stellartone - for your guitar or bass.


SKB Cases - now available in our shop!

SKB 66 1  SKB 66 2 
 SKB 44 1  SKB 44 2

SKB cases for guitars and basses now available in our shop and configurator!


New Pickups in Shop - Seymour Duncan!

 SeymourDuncan QuarterPound SeymourDuncan SJ5 3s   SeymourDuncan SPB3

New Pickups from Seymour Duncan in our Shop! Choose between J-Bass or P-Bass Pickups.


New T-Shirt in shop - Pilichowski & Maruszczyk

T shirt Wojtek Adrian

Available in S, M, L, XL, XXL!


Dr. Freakenstein 'DWARF BASS' new in Stock!

Dw Bass

This is a full-on fuzz pedal designed especially for bass guitar, replacing the now-discontinued Dr Freakenstein Bass – but takes the best elements of it and puts them in a convenient, compact – and deeply cute – mini-pedal package! It uses a very similar fuzz circuit to the Dr Freakenstein Fuzz DRFF-3, but with more low-end.

Like the regular Dwarf pedal, the overtone is adjusted by knob or by the Igor pressure pad controller (dual sensitivity), giving great real-time expression. The Dwarf Bass also has an LFO button, which modulates the overtone automatically in a slow spacey way… And when this is happening, Igor instead controls the speed of the modulation, enabling expressive higher speed modulations (like a Leslie cabinet, or a classic dubstep-type of effect).

The speed of the modulation is displayed by LED brightness, which – when there’s no modulation happening – shows the Igor pressure.

As part of how the distortion circuit works, the Dwarf Bass has an impressive fixed-setting noise gate built-in, creating dead silence between notes (which is very unusual for a distortion effect!).

It also has a ‘mix’ button, which changes the sound from all fuzz, to about two thirds fuzz/one third clean, and inside there’s an ‘active/passive’ switch making the Dwarf Bass usable for all kinds of instruments.

With real-time control of tone, and of modulation speed, this is an extremely useful pedal – adaptable to all kinds of bass-playing situations.


Spartan! New Vanderkley Amp in Stock!

Vanderkley Spartan

When I set out to design my dream bass amplifier, I had in my head a list of areas where other amps had fallen short of my wishes over the years. My new bass amp was designed from the outset to overcome these shortfalls. The sound would have to be ultra clear, direct and highly detailed, yet at the same time powerful and warm. I always wanted a bass amp that would convey every detail of the character of the instrument and every nuance of the players style with unlimited headroom and dynamics, without obscuring anything or adding a sound of its own. Furthermore, the amp had to maintain these characteristics at any volume and in any circumstance. And of course, the amp should be reliable, easy to use, solidly built and look great. 

The end product of a long development and test phase is the Spartan high performance bass amplifierThe Spartan is the perfect match for my neolite bass cabinets, which offer effortless power handling and are able to very clearly project the entire delivered range of frequencies from the amp. A key feature of the Spartan is its ability to take a 4-Ohm load on each output. This allows the user to connect a maximum of two 4-Ohm cabinets or four 8-Ohm cabinets to the amplifier. With this feature, and with my other design elements, the Spartan becomes a very powerful, capable bass amplifier in an extremely portable package.

The new Spartan bass amplifier is all about tone, power and simplicity.


Très czyk!

T shirt Tres Czyk

New T-Shirt in Shop!!! Available in size S, M, L, XL, XXL


17.06.2017 Nikolausstr. 22 52457 Aldenhoven

Banner Basstival2017

Am 17.06.2017 ist es wieder soweit, das alljährliche 'Guitar- and Basstival' findet wieder bei uns auf dem Hof (Nikolausstraße 22, 52457 Aldenhoven) statt! Jeder ist an diesem Tag herzlich eingeladen.
Los geht es um 12Uhr mit Kaffee und Kuchen. Zum Abend hin steht Adrian wieder persönlich am Grill. Natürlich sind auch unsere Ausstellungsräume geöffnet und es darf wie gewohnt jedes Instrument ausprobiert werden.
Musikalisch werden sich wieder den ganzen Tag tolle Bands die Ehre geben.

On 17.06.2017 it's time again, the annual 'Guitar- and Basstival' takes place at our court (Nikolausstraße 22, 52457 Aldenhoven)! Everyone is invited to celebrate with us this day.
Beginning is 12am with coffee and cake.
In the evening, Adrian is back personally at the BBQ. Of course, our showrooms are open and all instruments can be tried out as usual.
All day - great bands will play.


Wojtek Pilichowski ist Bassist, Komponist und Produzent. Seit 1994 hat er 14 Solo-Alben aufgenommen, darunter drei Live-Aufnahmen, die auch auf DVD veröffentlicht wurden. Mehr als 100 000 Exemplare wurden verkauft. Wojtek arbeitet schon immer mit anderen Künstlern zusammen. Er hat über 200 Alben aufgenommen, die mehr als 6 Millionen Kopien verkauften. Seit vielen Jahren spielt er auf den bedeutendsten Festivals weltweit, darunter Bass Player Live, Euro Bass Day in Italien und viele andere. Ausgezeichnet mit zahlreichen Preisen, darunter 16 für den besten polnischen Bassisten. Heutzutage führt Wojtek zwei seiner eigenen Projekte - Pilichowski Band und Pilichowski Trio. Er ist Autor von zwei Lehrbüchern und einem DVD-Tutorial. Er gibt Workshops und Vorträge auf der ganzen Welt.


Wojtek Pilichowski is a bass guitarist, composer and producer. Since 1994 he has recorded 14 solo albums including three live recordings released also on DVD. They sold more than 100 000 copies. Wojtek has always been working with other artists. He recorded over 200 albums which sold more than 6 milion copies. For many years he has been playing at the most important festivals worldwide, including Bass Player Live, Euro Bass Day in Italy and many other. Awarded with numerous awards, including 16 for best Polish bassplayer. Nowadays, Wojtek is leading two of his own projects - Pilichowski Band, and Pilichowski Trio. He is the author of two textbooks and a DVD tutorial about playing the bass guitar. He gives workshops and lectures all around the world.


Triple seven

Die Band "777 - TripleSeven" (Nikolai Petrov (gesang/gitarre), Arnold Ogrodnik (kontrabass), Ollov Orlowski (schlagzeug)) aus Osnabrück, sind ein richtiger Insider-Tip, wenn es um guten Rock'nRoll' geht! Ihr einzigartiger musikalischer Stil, der gerne auch "Chernobilly" genannt wird, ist eine Mischung aus Rockabilly mit Swing, Country, Rock and Surf- Sounds. Ihr Debutalbum "unleashed" erschien 2010, ihr zweites Album "Ghost train" folgte im May 2012. Wenn ihr bereit seid, für "Hot Rockin' Chernobilly" - dann sehen wir uns beim Guitar- and Basstival!


The band "777 - Triple Seven" (Nikolai Petrov (vocals/guitar), Arnold Ogrodnik (upright bass), Ollov Orlowski (drums)) from Osnabrueck, have become a real insider’s tip within short time and that not just in the Rockabilly-Scene. This very unique musical style, they like to call it "Chernobilly", is a delicious sound cocktail of Rockabilly, spiced with the perfect amount of swing, country, rock and surf.
Their debut "unleashed" was released in 2010, their second record "Ghost Train" followed in May 2012.
So if you’re ready for some danceable "Hot Rockin‘ Chernobilly" pick up Peggy Sue from the Heartbreak Hotel,
slip in your Blue Suede Shoes and come around to the Guitar- and Basstival!


Amin Afify ist ein deutscher Singer/Songwriter, geboren in Kairo. Nachdem seine Familie nach Deutschland zog, entdeckte er schnell seine Liebe zur Musik. Zuerst lernte Amin Klavier und begann auch gleich mit dem schreiben eigener Songs, Gesang, Gitarre und Akkordeon folgten. Ehrliche Texte auf Deutsch und Englisch mit einem Instrumental zwischen Indie, Folk, Rock und Pop sind das Markenzeichen. Die Texte beschäftigen sich mit Träumen, Märchen und Geschichten, die das Leben schreiben. Ausgetüftelte Arrangements, ein reichhaltiges Instrumentarium und Amins Stimme machen seine Konzerte zum Erlebnis.
Zusammen mit einer Besetzung von Gastmusikern und Freunden wird Amin seine Songs am Guitar- and Basstival präsentieren.


Amin Afify is a german singer/songwriter, born in Cairo. After his family moved to germany, he discovered his love for music. First Amin played piano and began fast to write his own songs, vocals, guitar and accordion followed. Honest texts in german and english with an instrumental between indie, folk, rock and pop are the hallmark. The lyrics are about dreams, fairy tales and stories, which write the life. Clever arrangements, rich instrumentation and Amins voice make his concerts an great experience.
Along with guest musicians and friends, Amin will present his songs at Guitar- and Basstival.

WhatElse Über die Big Band der Musikschule "What Else"
muss man in Jülich nicht mehr allzu viel sagen.
Seit über 20 Jahren spielt dieses Ensemble Konzerte,
die es schon weit über die Grenzen Jülichs hinaus
bekannt gemacht hat.

Unter der Leitung von Klaus Luft ist ihr Repertoire
bestehend aus Klassikern der Bereiche Swing Jazz,
Latin und Rock immer wieder ein Garant für
professionelle und spielfreudige, das Publikum
begeisternde, Unterhaltung.


About the Big Band "What Else" of the Music School
Jülich, we don't have too say much.
For over 20 years this ensemble playing concerts.

Under the leadership of Klaus Luft their repertoire
consisting of classics, swing jazz,
latin and rock, always guarantees
professional and playful, entertainment.


Das Public Peace Orchestra ist ein Projekt,

welches sich aus den Mitgliedern

der Band Gadu Gadu und jungen Musikern,

die interessiert sind, die Kompositionen

von Adrian Maruszczyk zu spielen, zusammensetzt.
Das Orchester tritt in verschiedenen

Besetzungen auf.


The Public Peace Orchestra is a project

composed of the members of the band

Gadu Gadu and young musicians who

are interested in playing the compositions of Adrian Maruszczyk.
The orchestra performs in various occupations.

Wir freuen uns auf einen tollen Tag mit leckeren Speisen, neuen Geschichten und viel Musik!

Public Peace Team

We look forward to a great day with tasty food, new stories and lot of music!

Public Peace Team


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Public Peace is looking for partners in different countries interested in selling our products. If you feel adressed, just get in contact with Adrian Maruszczyk:
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