Various BOSS Loop Stations now in stock!

BOSS Looper

Various BOSS Loop Stations for guitar and bass now available in our shop!

BOSS RC-1 'Loop Station'
BOSS RC-3 'Loop Station'
BOSS RC-30 'Loop Station'
BOSS RC-300 'Loop Station'


New in our beat bar - Stick bag 'Antique'

pro w antique

For the drummers - leather stick bag in antique brown now available in our shop!

You are very welcome to visit Lukas at the beat bar in Aldenhoven-Schleiden!



NEW GRBass amp and cabinet in stock!


Welcome to the new GRBass GR212 Slim cabinet and the One 800 amp.


Meinl Cajones in stock!

Meinl Cajon

Now available in our Beat Bar - Meinl Cajones!

Order online or come and play all cajones at the Beat Bar in Aldenhoven-Schleiden!

Here is a short video about the Meinl Artisan Edition Tango Line Eucalyptus Cajon!


BOSS Guitar and Bass Effects in shop!

Boss Effekte

A lot of new guitar and bass effects from Boss right now in our shop!


Maruszczyk Toneformer 3 electronics in stock!

Maruszczyk Toneformer

The Maruszczyk Toneformer 3MS preamp is our new and own active electronics for your bass!
The Toneformer 3 is 9-Volt battery powered. Adding an 9-Volt battery (18V) will ensure an additional 6db headroom and a longer battery life.
The Toneformer 3MS comes with a mid selection of 473Hz/800Hz/1,8KHz.


PES40 'Black' Long new in stock!


Material: smooth real leather                                                                                                     
Colour: black
Width: 9,5cm
Length: 110cm - 150cm


New classic guitar strings in stock!

Augustine Strings

New in stock - Augustine classic guitar strings!


Special Offer!


 Our special offer for you - GMR basses highly reduced!


New headless hardware in stock!

WSC Headless 4Saiter 
 WSC Headless 5Saiter

We have new headless hardware in stock. Available for 4-string or 5-string basses in chrome, black and gold.


Business Partners Wanted!

Public Peace is looking for partners in different countries interested in selling our products. If you feel adressed, just get in contact with Adrian Maruszczyk:
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.