BOSS GT-1000 Core in stock!


The Core of Your Creative Vision!

Amazingly powerful and ultra-versatile, GT-1000CORE delivers the most complete guitar and bass processing experience available in a single stompbox. The full DSP muscle of the flagship GT-1000 lives inside this mini juggernaut, driving class-leading sound quality, advanced AIRD technology, 24 simultaneous effects blocks, and over 140 unique amp/effect types for unlimited creative expression. GT-1000CORE fits into any pedalboard setup and works equally well as a standalone processor for playing live and in the studio. And with flexible I/O and vast control support, it’s right at home as the core of any rig.

GT-1000CORE brings next-level creative versatility to any pedalboard, big or small. Toggle between Memory and Manual modes to recall presets or kick effects on/off, and easily integrate with other stomps via mono or stereo I/O. Use the dual send/return jacks for external effects, four-cable method, or separate feeds to a PA or recorder. Access deeper control with external footswitches and expressions pedals, or remotely switch channels on your amp. And with MIDI I/O on space-saving TRS jacks, GT-1000CORE can control—or be controlled by—other MIDI devices in your rig.

Offering a complete sound processing solution in an ultra-portable package, GT-1000CORE lets you travel light and tackle any professional playing situation with no additional pedals. In a single patch, you have access to 24 simultaneous effects, including two amps at once. And with 250 user patches, there’s ample room to store sound creations for every type of gig. The impressive DSP engine delivers on-demand power for all available effects, so you’ll never worry about running out of processing while building sounds.

GT-1000CORE is a perfect companion for recording and playing at home. It’s a multi-channel USB audio/MIDI interface for flexible DAW production and efficient re-amping. Recording mode allows you to choose from a variety of built-in speaker and microphone types, and it’s also possible to import 16 of your favorite WAV-format speaker impulse responses. The onboard looper is a great tool for practice, building sounds, and developing ideas. And with BOSS Tone Studio’s intuitive user interface, it’s easy to craft sounds on a Mac or Windows computer.

GT-1000CORE harnesses BOSS’s breakthrough AIRD technology for a new level of performance, flexibility, and usability. AIRD is an evolution of the comprehensive Tube Logic concept behind the Katana, Waza, and Blues Cube amplifiers, adapted to provide consistent response across the many different scenarios where an amp processor might be used. AIRD enables GT-1000CORE to smoothly flow into any creative setup, providing great tone and natural tube amp feel with minimal adjustments. A large selection of AIRD Output Select types let you tailor the sound for any destination, whether it’s a guitar amp input, a power amp driving guitar speakers, or a full-range monitoring system—or all of them at once. AIRD is fully integrated into GT-1000CORE’s amps at every level, so you’ll always experience their authentic sound and response, no matter what you’re plugged into.

GT-1000CORE is loaded with expressive guitar amplifiers, all meticulously crafted with AIRD. There are BOSS original amps suitable for all guitar styles, plus famous tube amps from coveted vintage combos to modern high-gain heads. A massive range of effects options are also on board, including BOSS classics, retro stompboxes, MDP effects, and advanced algorithms from the BOSS 500 series. Multiple series and parallel routings are easy to set up with the intuitive interface. And with the clever Stompbox feature, commonly used amp and effects settings can be adjusted across multiple patches at once.

GT-1000CORE is a bass processing powerhouse in a grab-and-go package. Three AIRD bass preamps are provided for shaping your core tone, and eight different overdrive/distortion effects are available for additional color. There’s an MDP bass compressor too, plus chorus, flanger, touch wah, and many other effects specially tuned for bass. And with GT-1000CORE’s versatile effects and output routing, you can deliver optimized sound to a stage amp or PA mixer—or both at once.


Something very special - Luminlay knobs in stock!

Knob Knob blau Knob grün
We have something very special for you - Luminlay metal knobs with glow in the dark numbers!

MA series is with 0-10 numbers, MB series is with -5 to 5 numbers, MC series is with B4321M1234N numbers, 19 mm in diameter, and for 6 mm shaft. General metal knobs have beautiful looks but they are difficult to control precisely. Luminlay knobs improved this weak point by adding numbers and glowing. These help your play to make more accurate. High quality machining and plating, handcraft process.

- M series, 6mm shaft pots
- MA series is with 0-10 numbers (volume, tone)
- MB series is with -5 to 5 numbers (boost & cut)
- MC series is with B4321M1234N numbers (PU balancer)
- 19mm diameter
- glow blue or glow green
- black knob
- fixation with headless screw


Hannabach strings now available!

Hannabach Strings

With the new 600 series it is finally here: the set of strings in legendary Hannabach quality at an extremely attractive price and still 'hand-made in Germany'. No compromises are made on the string itself, after all it is a Hannabach string and the following applies: 'The sound comes first!'

New Mr. TEE Colors!

Mojito Lime Green TransparentMr. Tee 1Blue Wave Metallic
Mr. Tee 2Black Sparkle
Mr. Tee 3Turquoise Transparent
Mr. Tee 4Bishop Transparent
Mr. Tee 5
Our 5 new colors are now available for Mr. TEE !
Create your custom bass with these beautiful new colors.
Take a look in our custom shop!



Yamaha Basses in our shop!

Yamaha Basses

Many different Yamaha basses are waiting for you!

Take a look!


Marshall Amps in stock!


A lot of new Marshall Amps are now available in our shop!
Shop online or call us for an appointment in our showrooms and test your way through the world of amps!
Contact information:

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+49 (0) 2464-907267


3 new Ibanez Effects in stock!

Ibanez TS9
Ibanez TS9DX
Ibanez TS MiniIBANEZ Tube Screamer TS9 - € 139,00 NEW

IBANEZ Tube Screamer TS9DX - € 159,00 NEW

IBANEZ Tube Screamer Mini - € 75,00 NEW


New Thomastik-Infeld strings in stock!

Thomastik Infeld

For your electric bass:
Round Wound JR344, Round Wound JR345, Flat Wound JF344, Superalloy IN344 & IN345 , Powerbass EB344 & EB345

And also for your acoustic bass:
Acoustic Bass AB344 & AB345 


RØDE NT-USB Mini in stock!

Rode USB Mini

The NT-USB Mini brings the pristine sound quality of RØDE’s world-class studio mics to a compact, easy-to-use desktop USB microphone. Designed to deliver crystal-clear, professional-sounding audio direct to a computer or tablet, it’s the perfect microphone for gamers, podcasters, musicians, streamers, business professionals and content creators who want to be heard in full definition.

The NT-USB Mini features a studio-grade headphone amplifier and a high-quality 3.5mm headphone output, complete with precision volume control, allowing you to easily monitor your audio. There is also a switchable zero-latency monitoring mode for eliminating distracting echo when tracking vocals or recording instruments. It is incredibly easy to set up and use, with simple controls, an in-built pop filter and a class-compliant USB output that works seamlessly with computers or tablets, no drivers or software needed. Just plug into your Mac, PC or tablet with the included USB cable and hit record.

The NT-USB Mini features a unique detachable magnetic desk stand – not only does this provide a sturdy base on any desktop, it also makes it easy to remove and attach to a mic stand or studio arm. This and the unique 360-degree swing mount means you can position the mic wherever it needs to be to get the best recording possible.

The NT-USB Mini is the perfect addition to any desktop or home studio setup. At just 89mm wide and 141mm tall, it’s very compact, taking up only a fraction of precious desktop real estate. It also looks fantastic – sleek and stylish, with clean lines and a modern aesthetic. Hard-wearing steel and reinforced nylon resin construction ensure the NT-USB Mini is ready to take on the rigours of recording anywhere and everywhere.


Special Offer! JUNIOR 'Dragon Breath'


MENSINGER JUNIOR 'Dragon Breath' - € 990,00

Body: alder with maple burl top and natural binding
Neck: birdseye maple, matched headstock
Fingerboard: east indian rosewood, 22 frets,12'' radius
Saddle: 42mm
Construction: bold on
Pickups: Haeussel VIN +N & TOZZ B humbucker
Electronics: passive - volume, tone and 3-way toggle switch
Finish: dragon breath, body/neck gloss
Hardware: black
Weight: 3,12kg
incl. Gigbag


Business Partners Wanted!

Public Peace is looking for partners in different countries interested in selling our products. If you feel adressed, just get in contact with Adrian Maruszczyk:
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