Dr. Freakenstein 'DWARF BASS' new in Stock!

Dw Bass

This is a full-on fuzz pedal designed especially for bass guitar, replacing the now-discontinued Dr Freakenstein Bass – but takes the best elements of it and puts them in a convenient, compact – and deeply cute – mini-pedal package! It uses a very similar fuzz circuit to the Dr Freakenstein Fuzz DRFF-3, but with more low-end.

Like the regular Dwarf pedal, the overtone is adjusted by knob or by the Igor pressure pad controller (dual sensitivity), giving great real-time expression. The Dwarf Bass also has an LFO button, which modulates the overtone automatically in a slow spacey way… And when this is happening, Igor instead controls the speed of the modulation, enabling expressive higher speed modulations (like a Leslie cabinet, or a classic dubstep-type of effect).

The speed of the modulation is displayed by LED brightness, which – when there’s no modulation happening – shows the Igor pressure.

As part of how the distortion circuit works, the Dwarf Bass has an impressive fixed-setting noise gate built-in, creating dead silence between notes (which is very unusual for a distortion effect!).

It also has a ‘mix’ button, which changes the sound from all fuzz, to about two thirds fuzz/one third clean, and inside there’s an ‘active/passive’ switch making the Dwarf Bass usable for all kinds of instruments.

With real-time control of tone, and of modulation speed, this is an extremely useful pedal – adaptable to all kinds of bass-playing situations.


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