Something very special - Luminlay knobs in stock!

Knob Knob blau Knob grün
We have something very special for you - Luminlay metal knobs with glow in the dark numbers!

MA series is with 0-10 numbers, MB series is with -5 to 5 numbers, MC series is with B4321M1234N numbers, 19 mm in diameter, and for 6 mm shaft. General metal knobs have beautiful looks but they are difficult to control precisely. Luminlay knobs improved this weak point by adding numbers and glowing. These help your play to make more accurate. High quality machining and plating, handcraft process.

- M series, 6mm shaft pots
- MA series is with 0-10 numbers (volume, tone)
- MB series is with -5 to 5 numbers (boost & cut)
- MC series is with B4321M1234N numbers (PU balancer)
- 19mm diameter
- glow blue or glow green
- black knob
- fixation with headless screw


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